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What is a Commissioning?
Bringing the ship to life…

The commissioning ceremony marks the official entry of a warship into the U.S. Navy. This celebratory event is highlighted by the spine-tingling, unforgettable moment when the crew runs aboard the ship to man the rail and the ship is brought to life from the “cold iron.”

This will be the 5th ship to be named for the Queen City and will bring forward a proud legacy of tradition and valor. The first USS Cincinnati, a civil war iron clad gunboat, fought numerous engagements and had five Sailors earn the Congressional Medal of Honor. The most recent USS Cincinnati served with distinction during the Cold War as a nuclear attack submarine.

Commissioning Ceremony

Marking the acceptance of USS Cincinnati as a unit of the operating forces of the United States Navy.

The Commissioning Ceremony marks the official entry of a warship into the U.S. Navy. More information on the history of a ships commissioning and other events can be found here.

The Commissioning of the future USS Cincinnati (LCS 20) is expected to occur in late-Fall 2019. An exact date and location for the Commissioning has not yet been determined by the US NAVY. However, this cutting edge warship will be commissioned in a ceremony that will honor the ships namesake city and the crew who have dedicated years to preparing both the ship and training themselves to operate the ship.

Commissioning Week

Commissioning Week consists of many memorable events. Contributions to the commissioning support these celebratory events that honor the ship, her crew and reflect pride in our community. You can be involved in the various events surrounding the actual commissioning ceremony including a number of receptions, personal interactions with crewmembers, and opportunities to meet other dignitaries that will be present for the commissioning. In addition, many individuals and businesses which participate in the commissioning week are designated as honorary plankowners and also presented with various commemorative gifts representative of the ship and the commissioning. Some contributions may be tax deductible. All individuals or businesses that participate and contribute to the commissioning week events will be individually contacted by the commissioning committee and provided with invitations to the ceremony. There is no need to email a separate request for invitations.

Ship Tour

After the Commissioning Ceremony, ship tours are typically available for attendees. If you plan on attending the commissioning ceremony or other commissioning week events, some general guidelines are provided below.

Ship Tour/Visit Requirements:

No open toed shoes, backpacks, large bags, baby strollers or walkers. Everyone must be ambulatory and able to walk up and down several flights of stairs. There are NO handicap devices onboard to assist guests.

Pier Security Requirements:

All guests will pass through a security checkpoint upon entering the pier. Security precautions mandate that all invited guests are required to have a federal or state issued photo identification card (example: military identification, driver’s license, passport, etc.) for port access. Children under 16 are exempt with an adult escort. Please have your photo ID and tickets/invitation available upon arrival.

The security checkpoint will include metal detectors, bag inspections and military working dogs. Guests are asked not to bring large bags, backpacks or coolers. However, small diaper bags and purses will be allowed. All bags, purses, wallets, backpacks, coats, etc. are subject to search for weapons, explosives, and contraband. No weapons including knives or sharp pointed objects are allowed at any commissioning event. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding these procedures required by the U.S. Navy for your safety, the safety of the crew, and the protection of the newest commissioned warship afloat. In order for the security process to flow smoothly and for you and your guests, please be ready for these security checks and arrive early (especially for the ceremony).

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