The Foundation has been established, as an extension of the local Navy League of the United States ( in order to support the Commissioning activities of USS Cincinnati, the connection of our ship to our city and the ship’s crew and their immediate families through the establishment of a scholarship fund for their continuing education.

Traditionally, the Navy League of the United States supports ship’s commissionings through a number of activities and sponsorships. We are taking this one step further to support the crew and Navy family by enabling enhanced opportunities for continuing education. Along the way we will enhance the connections between Cincinnati and our Navy in ways that support our service members, bring new opportunities to them to educate themselves, their spouses and their children.

 First and foremost, this is about Navy families! 

Deployments are hard and the entire family bears a burden when a mom or dad is away for months at a time. In general, over the last three years, Sailors aboard ships have spent 25-35% of their time underway. Routine work expectations often include significant time spent underway in addition to major deployments. 

• The Foundation scholarship will support immediate family members of the crew as one mechanism for providing greater education opportunities. 

• The scholarship will be granted annually based on the recommendation of the Commanding Officer