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The Commissioning Ceremony marks the official entry of a warship into the active fleet of the U.S. Navy. A celebratory event, it is highlighted by the spine-tingling, unforgettable moment when the crew runs aboard the ship to man the rail, all engines are started, systems tested, and the ship is brought to life from the “cold iron” state it was in for the majority of the Commissioning Ceremony. More information on the history of Commissioning can be found on the U.S. Navy History page.

The commissioning was on October 5th, 2019 in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Delivery is the occasion where a ship is “delivered” to the U.S. Navy by the shipbuilder. During the delivery, the ship’s Commanding Officer and U.S. Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding sign transfer paperwork in a small ceremony. On the day of delivery, the ship’s crew typically moves onboard the ship and takes responsibility for security, safety and operating equipment. The ship officially becomes a part of the U.S. Navy, but not a member of the active fleet.

The Commissioning Committee is chartered by the United States Navy League. The Committee’s Mission Statement is “To provide organizational and financial support throughout the construction and commissioning of the USS Cincinnati (LCS-20) and its crew.” It is responsible for coordinating and raising funds for all commissioning week events with the exception of the ceremony itself, which is funded by the U.S. Navy. The Commissioning Committee is a not-for-profit entity that counts amongst its members individuals committed to the health, welfare, and success of our future ship and its many future crews. We look forward to partnering with the Navy, our neighbors, and strategic partners in bringing our “ship to life”.

Christening is the event where a bottle of champagne is cracked on the bow of the ship and commemorates the launching of a ship. Commissioning signifies the welcoming of the ship into the Active Navy Fleet. Christening typically takes place a few years before Commissioning. If you compare building a ship to building a new house, when a ship is christened, the walls are up, some of the major equipment is installed, but a lot of “fitting out” still needs to be done. In the case of building a new house, “fitting out” would be installing carpet, tiles, appliances, interior walls, etc. For a ship, “fitting out” may entail a lot more to include gun and missile systems, computer systems, lots of electrical wiring, deck tile, etc. What might take a house three to six months takes a ship two or more years. More information on the history of Christening can be found on the U.S. Navy History page.

There are many ways you can help. One way you can make a lasting impact is by donating to our scholarship drive. The Commissioning Committee is looking to establish a scholarship for the crew and their families. The scholarship recipient will be selected by the Ship’s Chief’s Quarters and is designed to aide and benefit those deemed most deserving in their educational pursuits. This effort is relatively unique to the activities of Commissioning Committees and is unique in that there are few scholarships designed to help both the Sailor and their dependents. We are excited to have you join us on this adventure.

Commissioning week is the week preceding the commissioning. During commissioning week, numerous events celebrating the impending commissioning are held. These events are attended by ship’s crew, honored guests and dignitaries. More information on commissioning week will be published on this website soon.

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